Hello everyone! I’m Danielle, and am 16 years old. I am currently in the process of picking courses for my Senior year of high school (I already signed up for my Junior year), and am also looking at Veterinary colleges. I have found that there are 28 Veterinary schools in the United States, and luckily enough, there is one in Iowa that I am able to go to (I live in Iowa so it will be cheaper as I won’t be out-of-state). I have always wanted to do something medical in my life. I remember in first grade being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, and where most kids were saying astronaut, teacher, or President, I told my teacher that I wanted to be a scientist. Ever since elementary school, science and math have been my strongest points, along with English. When I entered high school I realized that I could pick courses that not only meet the curriculum requirements, but I could also take courses that I am interested in. Where most students want to take the least amount of classes they can get by with, especially in their Senior year, I will have taken almost a full schedule every year of my high school career, with a maximum of 2 study halls each year, but usually 1. I plan on having a full schedule my senior year, with 9 courses, 4 of which are science. At the moment I plan on going to Iowa State University for undergraduate school, earn my bachelor’s degree in science, and then be accepted to their College of Veterinary Medicine, after which I plan on becoming a licensed Veterinarian in the state of Iowa.


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