Are You Ready?

I have done some research and have compiled a list of college necessities ranging from study supplies to bathroom essentials. NOTE: Make sure you check will your school as to what items are and aren’t allowed. Also, talk to your roommate and decide who is bringing what so you don’t have duplicates of items. Remember, dorms aren’t spacious!



-Flash Drive

-Wireless Router (unless the school grants students wi-fi)

-Printer/Printer Paper/Printer Ink

-Power Strip

-Extension Cord

-Desk Lamp

-Lap Desk

-Stackable Desk Trays


-Pencil Sharpener



-Pencil Holder

-Mail Stamps

-Post-It Notes

-Note Cards








-Binder Dividers

-Loose-leaf Paper



-Laptop Sleeve

-Weekend Travel Bag

-Cork Message Board

-Push Pins

-Command Strip Hooks

-Labeler (or Sharpie)

-Hanging Organizers

-Clothes Hangers

-Bed Lifts

-Under-Bed Boxes

-Storage Bins

-Drawer Dividers




-Cotton Balls

-Hydrogen Peroxide

-Rubbing Alcohol


-Ice Pack/Heat Pack






-Cold Medicine

-Cough Drops

-Allergy Medicine


-Nail Clippers/Nail File


-Vaseline or Chap Stick

-Storage Bin (to put everything in)


-3 Bath Towels

-3 Hand Towels

-3 Wash Cloths

-1 Beach Towel

-Shower Sandals

-Shower Caddy

-Bath Robe

-Mesh Sponge



-Shaving Cream


-Facial Moisturizer


-Body Lotion

-Tooth Brush

-Tooth Paste

-Dental Floss

-Mouth Wash


-Curling Iron/Straightener

-Hair Dryer






-DVD Player

-Digital Camera

-Cell Phone

-Lounge Chair/Futon

-Family/Friend Photos


-Removable Wall Tape

-Wall Decals

-Full Length Mirror


-Door Mat

-Throw Blanket


-2 Pillows

-2 Sets of Sheets

-Mattress Pad


-Headrest Pillow

-Alarm Clock

-Bedside Lamp



-Ear Plugs


-Hand Vaccum
-Air Freshener/Room Deodorizer
-Trash Can
-Trash Bags
-All Purpose Cleaner
-Paper Towels
-Laundry Bag/Basket
-Laundry Detergent
-Fabric Softener
-Dryer Sheets
-Stain Remover
-Coffee/Tea Mug
-Insulated Travel Mug
-Water Bottle
-Microwave Safe Bowl
-Can/Bottle Opener
-Small Coffee Maker*
-Mini Fridge
-Food Storage Containers
-Chip Bag Clips
-Zip Lock Bags
-Can Opener
-1 Professional Outfit
-1-2 Formal Outfits
-2 Weeks Worth of Shirts
-2 Weeks Worth of Jeans
-2 Weeks Worth of Underwear
-2 Weeks Worth of Socks
-Workout Clothes
-Light Jacket
-Cold Weather Gear (if applicable)

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